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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


Over the past two weeks, I have gotten the watch to accurately measure heart rate during exercise by moving the watch up my arm (away from my wrist) so that it's pretty tight.  Although this does not always work (and in fact did not work yesterday), it has worked more often than not.  It's crazy that we should have to do this, but I invite others to try.  I really like the watch otherwise, and so I am eternally optimistic that Samsung will fix this problem via a software update.


I just wanted to let Samsung EU members know about issue I'm experiencing with my brand new Galaxy Watch 46mm Cellular. Just so I don't repeat everything, please have a look at my original post on Samsung US forum


In addition to HR monitoring via Samsung health being broken, UA Record app is also having the exact same issue:

UA Record - HR not working.jpg


I do Les Mills Body pump exercise on a regular basis. It starts with a warmup (as per the graph) and then quickly goes to full-on, intesive workout. UA Record is also having issues displaying Heart Rate! I can replicate the issue at any time with Samsung Health or UA Record app.


Hey Samsung Mod: if you're interested in logs or debug data, please contact me via email. Happy to help.


I've had this issue since day 1. Samsung store technician gave me a report that it's all ok with my watch. I'm getting impatient and if this is not fixed soon, I'll demand a full refund.

Even my $AU30 Xiaomi Mi Band 2 does a decent job of HR monitoring. The "bells and whistles" Samsung top-of-the-range is mediocre. Why did Samsung even release the watch without testing it properly?



Well this problem has been around for many months on many different threads.  Most people know its a software problem but samsung have not sorted it out and in fact launched a new product with this defect.  Everyone has been ignored and the only way is to vote with your wallet.  I was going to upgrade to the galaxy but why ? when it has a defect.  So i have just bought a Hawaei watch 2 sport instead.  Its brilliant. The heart beat sensor works. The software is great (very disappointed with samsung health changes) and you have the freedom of OS wear and all those apps!  I would not have moved from samsung but for the failure to address this problem.  So everyone there is a big wide world out there and its not frightening to move products.  My next move will be not to replace with a samsung phone but a Hawaei phone too.

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HR on gear sport is bad/

i will try to follow your addvice and buy huawai 2


I wish I had seen this earlier. Bought my new galaxy watch yesterday and had my first run with it. All was good. This morning when I woke up and tried to measure my hr it was a flat line. After only one day!

Will try it at the gym later and if it doesn't work I'm gonna return it while I still can and go with Garmin. 

I left Samsung phones BC their garbage software and guess their watches are no better at all.


HR Not working evidence

Have a look at the the photo album showing HR monitoring not working during a Gym session (Les Mills Body Pump). It's virtually USELESS!!! 


I keep posting here hoping that Samsung will take notice and fix the DEFECT!!!  So far, they've been ignoring my offer to do a free debugging and troubleshooting. 

Considering Samsung's handling of HR and Step counter bugs, it's now safe to assume that the two DEFECTS have been plaguing Samsung watches for 1+ YEARS will NEVER be fixed! They should clean up their act and issue a worldwide RECALL as this product is DEFECTIVE!




I'm terribly disappointed with my Galaxy Watch. I'm using it since day one (pre-order on-line).


I have A LOT of problems with heart rate and stress trackers. Almost all the time, I don't see a proper result on my screen, all I see is a "Measuring..." message. The watch trying and trying to detect HR and stress. How can I ***TRUST*** this? Specially during exercises? Even during exercises, the trackers failure many times.


The watch is correctly placed. The sensors (the green light) are clean. The trackers are set to measure HR and stress continuously. I rarely sweat. But the problem persists, no matter if I'm on an exercise or very calm on my couch.


Before this Galaxy Watch, I had a HUAWEI WATCH 2. This kind of problem NEVER ocurred. Always PERFECT.


Now I search Google and find lots of people complaining about the same thing about the Galaxy Watch, month after month. Where's the fix? What a shame, Samsung.

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Yep, me too. Totally sucks. Had my Galaxy Watch for 6 days now. Thinking I will have to return it.

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Samsung sucks, ots good that i didn't buy galaxy watch and settled for fit 2 pro which saved me some money, if this issue doesn't fet fixed in a month, I am going to throw away this piece of ***** and buy something else.... 

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having same problem.  frusterated. this is a massive thread so i couldnt read all the posts. . . did anyone have any luck w this at all?

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