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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


Which app?


It's called Gear Tracker and has a little yellow cog wheel icon. It's not from the play store. You have to buy it from the galaxy app store. 15297600525763329707511333032891.jpg

 It's the one between and calls 

You're lucky. Mine doesn't 😡
Yep, if you click on where it says hourly high/low or something, it comes up. But it only shows like that when it's on constant.



As promissed, here I am. I just came back from a second bike ride after the repair (fit 2 pro) with auto pause off, as a matter, I did not stop riding during that one. Remember that the first one, yesterday, was almost perfect for heart rate tracking. Today went the worst I have ever seen. I got stuck at 80 bpm minutes in the workout (see pic). I even made sure it was working continuously before hit ''start workout''. I have to say that I'm very disappointed. It is going back for repair on Monday again. I can play their stupid game for a long time. I give myself the mission to bring it back every week if I have to. Maybe one day, I'll have my money back.


2nd bike ride after repair.png


Hi Bob89,


Thanks for getting back to us.

Yep as I predicted a repair will not sort it.

The Samsung health app on the watch is to blame.

I don't blame you for keep sending it back, if I had your patience I would do the same lol!

Have you tried pointing them to this thread? When I called Samsung I quoted this thread and the guy on the phone agreed that a repair probably wouldn't sort it so he would just pass information to the developers instead.


I did read in another thread a guy kept sending it back for repair and in the end Samsung just told him to take it back to the retailer and ask for a refund...instead of fixing the problem! *facepalm


Its a joke. This thread is really getting busy now and I thank everyone for reporting the problem.


I might call them again next week and ask for an update.


Walked the dog this morning, did auto detect walk. Forgot to start exercise as was chatting 🤭 Had a very very unsuccessful flatlining walk pretty much the whole way round Screenshot_20180624-110008_Samsung Health.jpg


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I have the same problem. No pulse when cykling. Im gonna try to have the setting that monitor pulse all the time instead of monotring only every 10 minutes.


Screenshot_20180624-232959_Samsung Health.jpgno active pulse


Another day, another useless load of heart rate data.


Come on Samsung, fix this rubbish!Screenshot_20180625-144215_Samsung Health.jpgFlat lines AGAIN whilst recording a manual workout (cycling).


I don't think they have their ears switched on!! 😡
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