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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


I had an update a few days ago - mine is on R800XXU1BRH3 and HR working fine during exercising. Only drops outs i ever see are if i go over a relativly bad patch of road in which cases it either resets the HR itself when back on better surface within 30secs or so or simply manually pressing the pause button on and off seems to kick it back into action.

The update said "better s-health experience" in the whats new bit.




On the US forum a Samsung moderator replied that there is a software fix in the works:


They also suggested turning off specific activity detection and restarting the device which at least for me never helped.


So a bit out of left field.......

Hows everyones watches behaving at night? 

For the last 2 nights, (15th 16th oct) my watch has drained from 70-80% to dead, totally dead, within 4 hours. 

Battery is behaving normally during the day. Fully charged this morning at 3am (?) after I woke and found it dead, was fully charged at 6.15am. 5 hours later, watch is only at 93%. So functioning normally during the day. 

I can only think its the sleep tracking part of causing the issue. 

I have had no software updates and nothing new or changed. 

I have my watch on do no disturb overnight so I dont receive notifications. 

I have started another thread, at 7am this morning, and it has already had numerous responses. The US branch of samsung community is also full of similar complaints. 

If you are on here and are having this issue too, please can you add to the new thead.......


Many thanks 




It seems to be quite a prolific problem. 

Thanks for getting involved. Whatever good it does 


Samsung is stalling and giving one fluffy solution after another. Either you should restart your watch every day or turning autopuls on, or turning it on or whatever stupid suggestion they hallucinate as a possible solution. My very simple conclusion of this is that Samsung don't give a ***** about us users. I gave up a couple of monts ago, returned the watch and bought a professional watch from a professional company (Garmin) instead. Since then I haven't had a single problem.


So everyone in this forum. It's no use trying to get Samsung to fix this. They don't have the incitament for it since this market is to small for them and the money in it isn't large enough.


My advise is to abandone Samung watches completely and while your'e at it, abandone Samsung completely.


I tested the watch for 29 days and decided to return it. Got myself a discounted Garmin Fenix 5 and it's "galaxies" in front of Galaxy Watch in terms of fitness tracking. 


Loos of Heart-rate detection by my Gear Sport happens to me too, but only during cycling exercises (on the road)
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I also find fitness tracking with gear 3 useless. i monitor cycling for my 8.5km ride to work and it stops recoding after 20minutes. doesn't bother to vibrate nothing, nada, ceases monitoring. its been doin it for a while. Tried reloading samsung helth app. tried setting it up for coaching every 5 minutes. still cant get it to monitor the whole trip. gps shouldn't be a problem as it always finds my location and i only ride around town. waste of money? or has someone out there got the thing to work?

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I have the same problem I have the heart rate always counting never have stop but when start or recognise a walk most of the time does not count heart rate

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