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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


Agreed, this is beyond a joke! How has Samsung let this become such a problem that 3rd party apps are now being devleoped to make the watch work properly.

Who from Samsung actually monitors these forums and can actually speak to the dev team directly?




When you do a cycling workout, do you start it manually or let it auto detect?  I always start it from the workout selection manually, but what I noticed yesterday is that when I start a manual cycling workout the Gear Sport also creates an auto workout during the same time with HR data (I'm not sure if it always does this but recently I've at least had a partial second auto workout).  I'm wondering if the watch can't handle tracking both at the same time.  I'll put up a screenshot or what I'm talking about shortly.  For now I went into S-Health on the Gear Sport, scrolled all the way down to settings and under workout detection, and Activities to Detect,  turned off cycling.  I'm not riding until Wednesday to see if anything changes.

Screenshot_20180625-124512_Samsung Health.jpgMy manually started workout with HR and GPSScreenshot_20180625-124500_Samsung Health.jpgThe Auto detected workoutScreenshot_20180625-124452_Samsung Health.jpgShowing the 2 overlapping workouts


Hi Ned7077,


I record the workout manually.

When you record the workout manually it should not auto detect workouts at the same time.

Although that did happen to me once a few days ago.


I agree and I'm betting we do the same thing but my screenshots are showing it is trying to record an auto workout at the same time as the manually started one.  Did you check the setting I mentioned?


> How has Samsung let this become such a problem that 3rd party apps are now being devleoped to make the watch work properly.

I completely gave up on shealth for now and switched to gear tracker, but it's not that perfect. It has a problem with huge battery drain and app developer blames tizen and the way on how 3rd party apps can use GPS. Also, no autopause and incorrect way to track time if you use manual pause.

btw, thanks to everyone for keeping this thread alive, I hope it will get noticed by people at samsung, who want and can actually change something (if those people exist lol)

ned7077 , I do not have the problem with duplicated workouts. I have also tried to disable auto detect for cycling, but it did not help to fix HR issue.


Auto pause seems to be coming to gear tracker so at least that is something, I do really hope this issue carries forward to the Gear S4 so we have a chance to get a fix and the reviewers slate them on the issue.


I had hope for almost a day I might have figured something out.  Thanks for letting me know.



If I switch to a 3rd party it's not going to be an app.


Funny thing on the US forum someone posted that the ARE2 update software fixed their issue and a Samsung moderator posted a reply.  That was the fist moderator post in the thread.  Extremely frustrating.


Hi Ned7077,

I have not tried switching off autodetect yet.

I will try in the coming days. Not gonna get my hopes up though lol.

I'm looking into switching to a different watch at the moment (none Samsung).


Hi yolesnoobs,

Yes i agree the gear tracker app is not perfect but at least it has an active developer who listens. Good to here from a developers perpective as well. Apperantly developing on the Tizen platform is not that good... Sort of explains all the poor quality apps on the galaxy store.



I saw an advertisement for one of the watches earlier on facebook and posted about how rubbish the HR recording is, I also linked this page. Just trying to get as much attention on the subject as possible.


I can only hope that this post being at the top of the community forums constantly puts some potenital buyers off.


Still no further response from Samsung though!!!




Morning all! 

Feeling very annoyed this morning.......

Ran to work using Gear Tracker, turned auto detect off. Ensured the heart rate was picking up before I started and this was my strava result..... Screenshot_20180626-080102_Strava.jpg

 How is This possible?? Is affecting gear tracker even when it's off?

Samsung we really need a response....  

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