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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


Ok so as promised I am back with the results of using a different app other than Samsung health on the watch to record my workout.

I went and purchased the 'Gear tracker' app from the galaxy store.


Oh look, heart rate has recorded constantly throughout the entire workout! This proves that the Samsung Health app on the watch is broken!


Again, Samsung, please can I get a response?Screenshot_20180530-112222_Strava.jpgThis is my heart rate data showing in Strava uploaded direct from the gear tracker app



Hi I have the same issue I had a faulty gear s2 which the shop replaced with a gear s3, HR worked fine on that.


Here is a cycle from last week as you can see the flat HR data with the unrecorded data during it. The gap at the beginning is charging before going out.



As I use Strava for longer rides with chest HR strap, I decided to check how the continuous HR on the watch would preform if I didn’t start a cycle activity and as you can see it worked great no errors even when I compared live readings on the watch while out cycling and they matched closely to my chest strap on strava.




Again, the gap at the start is it charging before going out. I think it can be shown from mine and others this is a problem with the HR recording when using the shealth app on the watch.


The main reason I have it for recording my commutes where I won’t be using a chest strap. Also, although todays HR was recorded correctly unless you do the activity in the shealth app it does not add any workout calories to your daily goals.


I hope MODs go back to the dev team and get proper answers not the fob off given above



Hi lilith14,


Thanks for your input! The more people that come forward and highlight this issue the more likely we are for a fix.


The main takeaway from all this so far is the blame is primarily blamed on the Samsung health app on the watch.


Using apps other than Samsung health (such as gear tracker) to record a workout, records the heart rate fine.

I called Samsung UK earlier today and reported this issue to them over the phone. I gave them this URL and they advised they would get the development team to look into it.


I've now reported the problem through all available channels. Email, phone, this forum.

As before, the more people report this the better.




Ok so day 2 of trying the 'gear tracker' app instead of Samsung health.

As expected the workout was recorded correctly with all the heart rate data.

Attached you will see the Strava upload direct from the gear tracker app. Notice the heart rate monitoring is continuous with no dropouts.

The problem is definitely with the Samsung Health app in the watch.


If Samsung could respond that would be great...Screenshot_20180531-133005_Strava.jpgThis shows the data uploaded into Strava. Notice no flat lines where the heart rate monitoring stopped.



Have been following this with interest. Can you clarify which gear tracker app you are using as when I type it in to play store search, nothing clear comes up as an option. 

I have had better HR results with my watch on continuous monitoring but still get intermittent drop outs. 

Will get all info on watch etc in next few days as I am away currently.

Many thanks 


Hi Celiawheelia,


The app is called Gear tracker and is found in the galaxy app store instead of the Google play store.

The app installs onto the watch.


Yes that would be great if you could provide your watch / phone info.


Thank you.Screenshot_20180531-144129_Galaxy Apps.jpg


AntS Moderator

Thanks guys! Very much appreciate the efforts made and the info you've given here. :robothappy: I've passed this to our software guys - and me and the other Mods will keep you updated.


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Did a ride tonight, i have got it set to continuous HR setting. I noticed when cycling that when i kept looking at it as i biked, to begin with it would be displaying the HR as it should do whilst exercising but then after about 3mins ish of cycling, i would look at the watch again and the HR would be displaying 2 dashes. I would then keep checking and it would still be displaying 2 dashes. After anouther 5 or 10mins later it would then show a reading again for a little while before showing 2 dashes again. Screenshot attached of my graph,you can see where it flat lined again and these bits would probably be where the watch was displaying 2 dashes. Check to see if this happens with any of you whilst doing an exercise.

Screenshot_20180531-175258_Samsung Health.jpg





When you open shealth to start the activity, it changes the HR reading method. Like I mean when in you go into shealth and select cycling it will start to look for a HR even if you had a lock on a continuous reading, if you go straight back out and go to the HR widget it will now have to re-find your HR even as I said if you had a locked continuous reading before.


I suspect shealth measures the HR differently (and that method is broken and doesn’t track right) hence why it must try find it when you start an activity and the HR widget must re-find it after you exit shealth. I bought the Gear Tracker app today after Ricky2’s post and it worked for my commutes but I saw that it doesn’t cut the HR recording before starting and after stopping like shealth does so suspect it just uses the same way to record the HR as the watch does before opening an shealth activity.


Gear Tracker is a temporary fix for now that I had to pay for but it still doesn’t count for activity minutes and the activity doesn’t integrate with my logging in shealth, but allows for Strava upload of correct data so will do till Samsung can find a fix.


Hi Stevevdb30000,

Yes i also noticed the same behaviour. The two dashes (--) rather than displaying an actual BPM number.
I previously thought that maybe we could 'force' it to record with continuous heart rate monitoring on, but unfortunately even that doesn't fix it.

Hi lilith14,

Good to know the gear tracker app works for others as well.
Yes the gear tracker app is definately only a temporary fix as it doesn't integrate with all the samsung health stats on your phone.
We'll have to put up with it for now though.

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