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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


Exactly what all people here have found out. Don't wait any longer as it will never get fixed. 


I know this has been posted before, in these threads, but I'm going to post it again. The watch/sensors work fine, it's Samsung health that is dropping the HR sensor. I like the watch, other than this stupid issue. I found a free fitness app called UA Record, and while it's not as comprehensive as S-Health, it works fine for my purposes. I just want to track trends in calorie burning and BPM. It even syncs with S-Health and logs your workouts. (but does not sync the HR data for some godforsaken reason). If you're on the verge of returning the watch, but don't really want to, I'd check it out. I'm also going to keep exploring other app options.  There are a few others that are more specifically for running/walking, if that's your thing. No reason to be married to S-Health, in my opinion.


"I found a free fitness app called UA Record, and while it's not as comprehensive as S-Health, it works fine for my purposes. I just want to track trends in calorie burning and BPM."

Have a look at the screenshots of UA in my Google Photos Album that I've collected over couple of months.

UA doesn't work reliably with long periods of time (see the arrows) not showing HR. UA exhibits the same behaviour as Samsung Health for HR monitoring. I've also tried one other app (forgot the name now): see photos showing -10 HR!?

The nice HR graph with black background was taken with Mi Fit 2 band.


Like you, I also wanted to keep the watch, but it didn't work for HR monitoring, no matter what I tried. Unlike Samsung watch, My Fitbit Charge 3 works as advertised and it doesn't miss a beat.


Sorry @Chaise711, do you also buy a new Porsche 911 and put in the engine of a Beetle by yourself because the Porsche has only about 37bhp instead of the claimed 370bhp?




Forgive me, but I don't see Samsung Health app as being a Porsche engine. It's not that great of an app, evidenced by the fact that it doesn't work.  AU works fine, for me. Has not missed one second of monitoring my heart rate. No, it's not ideal, but that is the great thing about Android, if you don't like the native apps, there are plenty of third party options. If you just want something to work out of the box, without having to configure anything, and have limited options for customization, buy Apple.


Sorry but I do not fully agree with you.

From price point, the Samsung Sport (Gear, Galaxy,...) IS a "Porsche" beyond the sport watches!

Why should I accept that elementary (and claimed!) functionality for a sport watch does't work properly.

Why should I fiddle with different third party apps?

For a hardware bug as well as for a software bug - THIS IS A  SAMSUNG TOPIC!


Noted. I'm not trying to convince anyone, or defend Samsung. It's pretty clear to me, after a few weeks of wrestling with this issue, and researching other people's struggles with it, that Samsung is not going to fix the issue anytime soon. With this knowledge in mind, your options are either make do with what the watch can do, or return it. 

I've decided to make do. It works for me, and  I use the watch for a lot more than fitness tracking, so it's worth it to me to keep. Just letting people know that that option exists.

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How about the software update on May 20 to improve the heart rate monitor?


This is not a SW problem my friend , this is a HW PROBLEM FOREVER.. 

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Well, as of July 30th 2019 this SHEALTH issue has not been resolved in over 16 months of complaints - how frustrating! I as am having this same issue and my watch has all the latest updates installed. 

I have only had the watch about 8 weeks but in the beginning with no software updates the HR monitor seemed to work fine, it was only after updating software/firmware that this problem came up.

Is this issue only related to a 'few' watches? or all of them?

Will samsung replace my watch as its under guarantee?

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