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Gear Sport GPS Issues Samsung Health and Strava

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I have a Samsung Gear Sport and I find sometimes when I go running using Samsung Health the GPS doesn't start until 1-2km into my run. I also link my Samsung Health with Strava and find the data doesn't match. If I run 10km with Samsung Health it only logs 8km with Strava. Anyone else have this issue?




Yep, same here. Must be the calculation algorithm or s/t. Anyways, pls don't ask me about running with Gear S3 because I have a terrible experience, juts look at previous posts.


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I have the same issue, all the blogs on how to rectify are bogus, even when you put the location off battery saving mode it didn't even pick me up until 3km in, feel like throwing this watch in the river to relieve frustration. 

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I always find if you go into the workout screen where you can set a workout target or press start running it starts to pick up your location for beginning your workout. It vibrates and says location detected. Then I press start running and it picks me up from the start quite accurately.

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I wish it was that simple Dave. 

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Hello all,


Although, I must say everything was working perfectly for the let's say first 6 to 8 months; I ended up experiencing exactly the same issue. I sent the watch 3 times back to Samsung for fixing. Finally, the watch is able to locate my position much faster from the beginning; but unfortunately when I transfer my recordings to Samsung Health, I am not able to see any GPS data. I do not see the map anymore.


I must indeed say that I would really like to have my money back. I even indicated it in the repair form for the last unsuccessful fix. Samsung rather changed many items in that watch but never succeeded to solve the issue.


For the information: I am using a Galaxy S8+ as a phone. 


Any help is welcome.

Thank you,


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