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Gear Sport Battery Drain

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When my watch is paired to the phone, it would only last about 4 hours after a full charge. Not sure if its the last update as everyone on here has had the same issue. I have reset my watch and had the same issue. Now i cant even pair my watch to the phone without doing a full reset of the watch first. Called samsung and since i already tried everything that they would tell me to do, they suggested i send the watch to them for repair. Since out of warranty, minimum 70 repair bill. I told them that many others online are having the same issue and i was going to wait and see if an update would come out soon to hopefully fix the problem. Then she started to tell me that they have recieved many calls with the same issue and an update is coming next month to hopefully fix the issue. First of all, she should have told me about the pending update and not try to convince me to send my watch in for repair....seriously! Hope the update comes out soon and works.

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