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Gear S3 extreme battery drain after One UI update!

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You're lying. Everything is NOT okay. The issue would still be there. You just found a solution on how to get rid of the battery drain by changing some option on your watch. It doesn't mean that the issue is gone. You paid lot of money for it. So, it should work 10/10 for all options.

Who is lying gjmaryy ??

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Surprisingly, the issue was still awful, like 6 or 8 hours max until I left my watch charging while off all of Saturday.


I put my watch in at 5:30am my time, 8 hours ago, and I'm still at 84% battery. That's so much better.


I haven't tried aod yet, however.

I'm just saying it's a lucky workaround

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Thanks guys  for the  solution!  I tried many  resets with restore and without but turning on the "Touch to wake feature" fixed the excessive battery drain when Always on display was enabled. I didnt have issues battery drain when Always on display was off.
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I received a new update Friday, and boy did itever improve the battery life. They also reverted the sync alarm feature. It now behaves like it used to.


With aod off, I put my watch on at 8am, it still has 77% battery left. That's fantastic.


Update details.

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