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Gear S3 bought abroad will not work with Samsung Pay

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Hi all,

I'm currently in the UK where I bought a Galaxy Gear S3. I have Samsung Pay up and running with a Swedish credit card on my S8 (yes, SP is supported in Sweden), but as soon as I try to add a Swedish credit card through the Gear Manager, I'm prompted to add a british credit card. It's as if the Gear S3 has an own UK-based app, and the S8 an SWE-based app. It should be possible to use SP on a foreign bought Gear S3... right?


Unfortunately not, the Gear S3 UK device is different to one bought in Sweden and uses a slightly different service. Does the Gear S3 in Sweden support Samsung Pay? because some countries have the smartphone app switched on but not the Gear S3 or S2. Even in the UK the Gear S2 is supposed to support Samsung Pay but doesn't.
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