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Gear S3 GPS Issues fix

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Like a lot of you I have been trying to find out from samsung why the gps doesn't ever seem to connect. After getting the run around from samsung I had taken to find a way to fix it myself. 


That's when I just gave up. Took it to where I purchased it and demanded an exchange. Which after hours of heavy forced talking, finally worked. 


I opened the new one right there, setting it for no phone connection right off the bat. The gps worked. 


There is apparently a large amount of defective units. And since most people are still under the 1 year warranty, I encourage all who can, to send their watches in for repair. And more than likely they will just send you a new watch.

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I also have had a problem with the GPS on my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

The GPS problem was caused by the Weather app. I went to the Gear S3 app on my iPhone, chose for Apps, Settings per App, Weather, set automatic refresh to every 6 hours and deselected the current location option. The Weather app on the Samsung Gear S3 now showed the message "Add currect location". Went back to the Gear S app on my iPhone and selected current location option again. In the Weather app on the Samsung Gear S3 now the current location was displayed. After that GPS functionality works fine in all the other Gear apps also. Problem seems to be solved. 

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I am having trouble using GPS for running and biking, it rarely finds the location and I need this function for tracking training distances.  Please advise.

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@BorisGroenhout  that fixed the issue on my GS3


Biggest disapointment is GPS - it gets lost quickly in the middle of the workout, result of that is no workout tracking, stops tracking mileage (km),...

GPS location is found but lost after couple of 100m... useless watch for sure - hope for a quick solution!? What kind of shat did i buy?

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I've contacted Samsung to query GPS. I ran a half marathon on 7th October. I wore a timing chip on my running bib. My issue was that the Samsung health tracked the right time but the wrong distance?? A half marathon is 21km yet my watch tracked 15.84km. Yet the time taken was correct?? I'm waiting on a reply....
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Seems that I have a diffeent/opposite issue. My GPS accuracy is signifcantly off but to the high side. I ran a 10K last week and my GPS from running workout inidated 6.96 miles. I then ran a 7.25 mile training run and it inidctaed 8.17 miles. I run with watch alone (without phone) and use Samsung Health app and workouts.  

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This fix also worked on my Samsung Gear Sport! So dear Samsung, now you know, so go fix it!!!

EXACTLY same issue here....sad but I see I'm not alone. Any known fixes? I even got a replacement watch and still the same
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I have the sam issue, doing the circles with support. They are just playing ping pong game with us by asking to send it  for repair again, again and again. I dont know when this again is going to end. 

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