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Gear S3 Frontier disconnecting when clear cache

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Hello, im using a Xiaomi mi 9t pro with my Gear S3 Frontier
Whenever i clean the phone cache the watch disconnects from the phone and i have to manually reconnect it.
I think probably its the Samsung Acessory Service that keeps the watch connected that closes too.
Any ideia how to fix this?

TessM Moderator

Hi @thesabione ,


your cache is a temporary data storage area for information that your phone may use again in the future. For example, if you visit a web page, the cache may store a copy of the information on the website so that it can load quicker, that may also happen with connections. Have you tried to contact the phone manufacturer to see if there is any way to delete part of your cache files to avoid connected devices to disconnect? 

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Hello TessM

They said that there is no way to prevent that from happen since Samsung Acessory System is not an App.
The temporary solution i found was to get all samsung apps to open by themself and turned off all battery saving systems on them but still each time i clear the phone cache memory it disconnects, but now it connects by himself.

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