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Gear S3 Frontier battery drain on Tizen

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Getting the watch from the charger, it indicates 100% charge. The watch only last about 5 hours.  Before putting the watch back on the charger, it indicatd 10% battery.  Once on the charger, the watch indicates 75% charged and it only take 20 minutes to go back to 100% charge!!  The whole problem starts again!


Compete multiple reboot-resets cycls with no positive result.


Someting is very wrong with the watch, the only significant change was a firmware upgrade.

Model: SM-R765A

Serial Number: R5AHB02FN4F

Firmware: 3.0.02


Completed disappointed owner of over 5 Samsung moble devices.

Please provide a fix as soon as possible, would hate to switch to another mobile device brand.


I'm having the same problem work the same version!
Samsung, please read these complaints.
The latest firmware/software update is not working.
When we complain to you, you tell is to tweak this or shut off that. How dumb do you think we are?
Don't you think we've already tried all that stuff?
We've reset, rebooted and tweaked them just as you instructed, with ZERO results!
Stop playing this blame game and send out a new firmware/software update!
I don't know why, after all this time, you've ignored these complaints.
Is it because you came out with a new watch and you just don't care about us previous generation customers?
If that's the case, the hell with Samsung products!
We're mad and you're going to lose a lot of lifelong customers if you don't fix this problem very soon!
I was thinking about buying your latest watch, but after this bad experience, very doubtful!

Very nicely written you have spoken my words, hope Samsung will think on our issues, srometimes I feel that Apple products are more genuine than Samsung


I think we people should lodge a complaint in consumer court. 

Sounds like a good idea.
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I recently change my Note 8 with Xs MAX and before that i get two and a half day battery life with bluetooth on all the time.

Now i barely get 10hrs!!!

I reset the watch two times already. I googled the problem and tried few things but nothing work.And now that i notice is that a too have

I hope the release update very soon. I dont want to buy apple watch, but i do if i have to.

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 My S3 just started doing this just under two weeks ago. It ran poorly on version 2 with lots of connection problems. After it got the push to 3, it worked great up until now. Normally at the end of the day the watch's battery would be at 70-75%. This morn it was fully charged at 6am, and it is already at 70% at noon.  I have wifi on auto, display always off, heartrate sensor disabled, brightness on 6. Did the same thing after two resets and just having the default faces on it.  

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You know, I paid roughly $300 for this watch. The simple fact that Samsung refuses to fix this issue that was obviously created by them, is absolutely garbage


How much you want to bet it gets a sudden fix when we start threating a law suit against this issue. 


Samsung should realise its mistake and should stop playing with customers. 

This is the reason why Apple is top rated in terms of after sales service. Hope Samsung team is going throght all these messages and take appropriate action for sake of customers


I just bought my S3 Frontier last week. It was fine for the first couple of days, now it's draining the battery at an alarming rate. Changing the settings on the watch make NO DIFFERENCE. Even going into POWER SAVE does not stop it from happening. Luckily, I am still within the 14 day return window at Best Buy. Guess this thing is going back. I really wanted to love this watch, but there is no way I am waiting for Samsung to fix this while my return window goes away. I am quickly losing all faith in Samsung. First the Note 7 debacle, had to give up my phone after less than a month, now this. I'm done. Time to trade in the S8+ and get an iPhone, plus a new Apple Watch I guess.

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