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Gear S3 Frontier Resets itself

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I have been using my Gear S3 extensively but for my applications, I have to have a pin code, but while the watch is in my pocket it resets itself due to wrong registered touches. and there is no option to turn the reset option off. how can I make it such that I will be able to lock my watch when I want but it won't reset itself every time I put my hands in my pocket. i have lost all my widgets, apps and faces some of them not available in the galaxy store anymore and back up does not actually back up the apps. so I end up with a vanilla watch with all customizations gone every time I put my hands in my pocket. i would be glad if there was an option against it.

AndrewL Moderator
@Alp_Bingol: It isn't possible to lock the Power Key unfortunately. You can try going to Settings > Advanced and disable things like Wake Up Gesture and Touch Wake-Up to see if this helps, although I understand that this is not ideal. Apologies for any inconvenience you have been caused.
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Thank you for your response, wake up gesture and touch wake up are functions which i use regularly on my daily basis i would prefer to have the option to opt-out of force reset

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