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Gear S3 Classic.. wrong time.

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after connecting my gear to new phone.. the time is 8 hrs ahead... have tried , reset, reboot, and so on. nothing helps!!!... what to do*???

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I’m wondering if your time zone and or location isn’t set right ?



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I'm seeing the same issue. After I did a factory reset on my watch, it is set the Korean timezone even though it is connected to my phone and my phone is in Central timezone.

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@aaduthoma & @Futte98: I came across this neat interactive guide for setting the time and date on a Gear S3. It's from ATT's site, but any of the steps in that any good for you guys in getting the right time on your watches?


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Did you ever get this fixed I have the same ptoblem
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Hello folks. I'm writng from Morocco where, in October, the government unexpectedly decided to keep DST all year. This has caused a lot of problems, but up until know, at least I could "trick" my phone (S9) by manually setting it, not using time-zone settings.  And my watch, a Gear3, would sync with that correctly. Yesterday, however, there was an update in the Wear software, and since then, the watch is adding one hour to the phone's time, regardless if I got through the steps of dis-connecting bluetooth, re-setting, etc.  I just wondered if anyone else was seeing this. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 


NEXT DAY: This was solved by Factory Reset. Not a big deal.

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