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Gear S3 Bluetooth Issues

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When connected, works a treat.

I connect in the car (nissan connect) by turning off bluetooth connection on phone (VFD700) and switch to car connection - no problem. When I exit the car and try to connect to watch, it never works. The only answer is to reset everything, remove the gear app and start from scratch. Tried every possible way of turning off, turning on, reset, restart, safe mode, remove apps, bluetooth management software etc. Answer seems to be not to connect to my car bt ever again. Phone says connected, but watch says no. Forgetting bt on both will jump to an instant pairing handshake passkey, but never makes the connection according to the watch. So frustraing - I moving from loving the watch to hating it...

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Thanks for this post. I had been thinking of buying the S3 watch, but had been wondering about the problem of multiple bluetooth connections.

I use bluetooth for hands-free connection in the car, for headset to listen in public to music or calls, and sometimes for an external speaker at home. Each of these would involve disconnection from the watch, and if the connection isn't remade automatically to the watch when none of them is in use, the watch sounds a bit useless, I shan't buy one untill this problem is sorted out properly,
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I think I have a similar issue, which I'm finding frustrating and can't seem to resolve.  For me, walk into car (Audi A6 2013 with Technology Pack), phone connects to car and phonebook, etc. all work fine.  As soon as you dial a number (or receive a call), the audio etc. is muted in the car, but the speaker and microphone revert to the phone - which is not much use!  As soon as you hang up, radio comes back on, so clearly a connection with the car, but some issue with pushing voice control through the car.  Only been a problem since having the Gear S3.

Love the S3 otherwise.

Any advice gratefully received!


ive got a BMW and turned off BT connection with my ONEPLUS 3 and GEAR S3 was the only solution because it was a mess; sometimes the calls go back to the gear s3 instead of the car. i said on another post -the problem with bluetooth connect/disconnect/reconect is solved with AUTO BLUETOOTH FREE, but the problem with the car  is still on, i tried with 4 or 5 BMW and its the same, even after restored phone and Gear S3... at least the battery is good...

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When I get into my car, I put my Gear3 into Airplane mode. When I get out from the car I cancel Airplane mode. (Slide down watch face). This solve car problem. Very annoying to find that I forget to cancel. Did not find other solution.

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