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Gear IconX disconnect on calls


I think that Samsung should give us the new buds coming with S10, or at least give a great offer to those who wasted 200 euros on the IconX 2018. 

Being annoyed by Samsung behaviour I already switched from Samsung Tab to Ipad, I think I'm going to do same with the phone  . Their assistance is useless, they should admit IconX do not work and refund us someway.


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Yeah these where not worth the money, I can only listen to music with one ear and can't even make calls 

So I guess Samsung hasn't fixed this issue yet.. I guess it's time for some Apple AirBuds
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I am contemplating a switch to apple as well. 


Ok i am one like many here facing the disconnect sensor issue and i had them aside of that. I read about the tape fix to attach to the sensor but that didn't work well cause you could use them only for listening music not for talking cause they seem to not be paired for that untill i came with the idea to attach a tinny piece of fabric to the sensor and a smal piece of tape hold it in place. I said what i got to loose! Conclusion: it works flawless as it disconnect,talking with it also great! I use it 7 days seems the cover with fabric to the sensor make it steady like you wear them all time. Try it! I use a fabric for sunglasses! Let me know 😀

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I just read a post and the problem is with the little glass sensors they have to cleaned and put in the ear all the way, I did that and they work fine now but its still a problem if they get even a little bit dirty as in if you use them at the gym and and sweat it will make them disconnect 



In April I receive an update of the firmware, it was supposed to improve the Bluetooth connection, it did not change anything to me. Did it work for someone else?

thanks Marina


Non update fix the issue for me only the trick I posted

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