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Gear IconX disconnect on calls


Hi All,

I got IconX wireless headphones as a Xmas present and although they are beautiful when they work, they rarely work as they should. I would never adive someone to spend 200 euros on this device.

I already got a replacement but it did not help, after sometimes problems come back again.

Last one, which is really annoying, is that when I use them with a phone call they continuosly connect and disconnect, so it is impossible to use them or even the phone, until I turn off the bluetooth on the phone.

Yesterday I was listening to audio book with no problem, pairing was fine, I get a phone call, I hear the ring in the headphones and the connect/disconnect begins. I happens also if I connect before calling, or during a call and no multimedia is running. Tried everything, reset, switch off, I have a Samsung S9+ but it was happening also with a S7edge.

All the other bluetooh devices (including other less expensive headphones) pair perfectly with the phone.

Can Samsung help me?

thanks Marina

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I am just experiencing the same problem and it is truly anointing. I am listening to spotify for hours with no problem and when I receive a call I hear ringing in my ears on my iconx 2018 but when I accept the call the bluetooth connection start to drop constantly. If Samsung do not fix this soon I will be force to sell it since it is absolutely useless if I cannot accept calls

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Same issue here. Anyone solved that? Re-pairing doesn't solve the issue.

In the end I got to the conclusion that the problem are due to the sensors. If you clean them very well with those sheets for glasses and you insert them correctly then the ear buds work, including the touch pad. But you cannot do it so often,e specially in summer or during sports when you sweat. So it's useless to send them back. But they are really too delicate, probably wrong choice of harware. If you find any other reason or solution please let me know, I can't really stand this problem anymore.  

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I have exactly the same problem


Some days ago I got a firmware upgrade, I hoped it could help, so just now I tried to use the IconX for a phone call ... usual problem, connecting and disconnecting.



ciao Marina

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I have this same issue, a coworker advised me that if I place a small piece of tape over both sensors that would stop and it would fix the music stopping if you take one off issue also.

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Just got mine within the last month. Same problem.  It's very frustrating.  Adding this reply so that someone at Samsung will see the continuing problem.  


On another note, does anyone have an extra set of medium earwings they might be willing to share?  I only have small and large.  In need of medium .Thanks

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I have the exact some problem and I am pissed. All this money I spent on these thinking it's gonna be great and they continuously disconnect and connect but I have to turn my phone completely off and turn it back on and it still does the same thing. I really wish I never bought these and could get a full refund for this fa real! They were great when they were working but now they suck! 

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My iconx disconnects when I am watching videos and listening to music. Really annoying. I want a refund. Going to get apple earbuds. 

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