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Gear Fit 2 wont charge

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I need advice please. I am literally pulling my hair out with this!


Was given a Gear Fit 2 (brand new) as a gift for fathers day. 


It has been working fantastic for the last 3 weeks. 2 nights ago I did the dishes wearing it, the first time it has been even remotely damp sice first use. 


Since then it will not charge. I have 2 docks for the watch which were both working fine before, one from my laptop, one from a wall socket, and now, nothing. 


Have tried using a pencil eraser on the watch contacts and no difference. Desperately trying to charge it before a run tomorrow, sat at 10% at present :S 



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ps there has also been a recent software update on the watch - god knows what it did or what the update was for.
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