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Gear Fit 2 pro

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Hi,  I've had fitbit for a few years now and thinking of changing to Gear Fit 2 pro to link in better with my Galaxy phone.  Slightly concerned over the battery life would people recommend them?  

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Hi Steven. 

I have switched from Charge 2 to gear fit 2 Pro a month ago. There are things I miss there are things I'll never give up.

My gear needs every day a charge. Personally I do not find it an issue, I charge it while I'm watching a movie in the evening. Huge difference from n 5 day  charge holding device.  I do find gear fit more comfortable and lighter. What has been for me a huge point is build in GPS. I run with Nike run+ app, as it offers personal plan set up and variety of guided runs,fitbit connected GPS has rendered the app unusable. Very happy to have it back. 


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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.
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Hi Steven,


I've just switched from Fitbit Alta HR and I'm very pleased so far. It is far more comfortable to wear both day and night. With location, HR, wifi and Bluetooth all turned off (except for Bluetooth sync once per day) battery life is around 4-5 days which is good enough for me, although still very poor compared to some!

GPS works well but draws the battery down in a few hours so not really practical (I use my Amazfit Stratos for GPS logging and navigating).

Sleep tracking is not so good as I keep getting gaps in the log for a night as if I'm awake, but I'm not too bothered. Also I can't get the weather app to work, but again I'm not too bothered.

As a day to day step counter and activity tracker it is comfortable, light, easy to use, the apps work well and sync well with Lifesum so just what I need, and a big improvement on Fitbit.

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