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Gear Fit 2 Pro GPS Inaccurate

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I ran the Berlin marathon on Sunday and my GearFit 2Pro logged a total of 47.99km - way over the actual 42.195km.


Remarkably, the route it tracked on the map was very accurate.


Waiting to hear what Samsung have to say but if it can't even calculate the length of the route it measures, then it's going to be returned.


The live pace display is also wildly inaccurate (reads much slower than actual pace).



GPS on the Gear fit 2 Pro is abysmal. My wife's watch has started (as many others have pointed out on here) either dropping GPS signal mid run, or taking about a kilometre before it decides to track resulting in wildly innacurate timings/distances.  It used to at least find a signal quickly, even if it did drop it. But know it can take 5 minutes stood outside under a clear blue sky to find a GPS signal at all (and then it will inevitably drop it at some point during the run).


Seems to have happened after a recent update, so perhaps it's fixable. That would involve Samsung aknowledging and reacting to the problem though so I'm not holding my breath.


What i don't understand is the fact that in the workout summary the distance on the map is accurate (in my case 8.1km) but the distance shown in the info summary shows 14.2km for the workout?? That makes no sense to me.

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Basically I have the same here (eventhough my tracks are much shorter than a marathon :-)). The GPS Data is almost fine viewed on a different app. I already tried to get support opening support tickets at samsung but nobody looked properly into it by now. To me it looks pretty much like a software issue in the distance calculation. While wearing a device from a different vendor during a run I had a difference of 200m-500m per Kilometer

I really dont understand why Samsung don't give any feedback!? 

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I also don't understand it. I already offered them to collect whatever they require to perform the analysis. So far I was not getting more than the default support template answers like did you update, did you perform a factory reset, etc..  That is really frustrating when you basically want to help fixing a broken behavior of a device that you like because of the features that work. I'll give it now another try with a set from Samsung and a different vendor. Let's see whether I can get at least any answer while visiting a samsung store

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I thought I'd give an update. For the last month my watch has been finding GPS very quickly in both running and cycling modes. I do not know what happened to make it work but it has been consistently quick (apart from a week in Italy when it didn't find a signal at all!). Last year it was more responsive in Italy than in the UK. The distances are still different to those on Strava and the speed graph is absolute rubbish, appearing to show that I stopped every few paces and then leapt along for another few, but at least it does find GPS.  Heat rate monitor is also dodgy and tends to flatline after a few minutes.

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Not only that. Yesterday, my gear fit 2 pro showed my route on the map that was considerably different than the one I actually ran. It happened for the first time, still pretty annoying.


This inaccuracy issue has been around for months but Samsung don't seem to care...



I also have a problem with GPS tracking.


You can see the photo and how it tracked my cycling path. Obviously those straight lines are errors, as I cycled along the river, not in straight lines accross it. 


What is also interesting is that even if I had the phone on me at all times, the start point of the path is also inccorect. Not only that, but I finished the workout in the same place where I started it, but in the S Health app the end location is 1. not the same as the start location which is incorrect anyways; 2. not the correct location on the map either. 


In my case I know this path is around 8 km, but the watch recorded 4.5 km in SHealth...


I had power saving mode enabled on the phone, so maybe that was the cause. In any case, it should have given me a warning on the watch that this is the way it was going to track my trip. I have to wait for more of the snow to melt before I can repeat the exercise without power saving mode on to see if that helps. 



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