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Gear Fit 2 - Nudges/Inactivity Issue

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I've turned off nudges in - settings>health nudges>and then removed the blue dot from all options so everything is disabled, however I still get a notification if i am inactive for a certain amount of time?


I have tried a factory reset and no luck. Any ideas? Thanks


Hi I also have the nudges switched off.but the only notification I see is when I scroll down from the top.

And if you press the inactive part its recent change is you have to do 5 stretches.

But only if I press on it.

If you go back to were you unchecked the blue dot underneath that there is the 24 hour log maybe if you uncheck that option as well.

are you still being alerted by vibration on your wrist and an actual alert on your phone as well.

You have to consider one of the goals of the fit 2 is to motivate people who want a bit of help getting and staying in shape.

Another option maybe adjust some of the settings via the app.


Or to save battery when I'm not really using it, but want to keep my s7 edge unlocked I hold the bottom button for a couple of seconds to activate the save power that turns the screen to a saver but still counts your steps.

Were  you are not given any alerts but you can still have your phone unlocked.

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I've unchecked all the health nudge notifications, so it shouldn't keep alerting me that I've been inactive. My job means I'm sat down alot but I should surely be able to turn this off?


Hi if I was in your situation I would use use power saving option by  holding the bottom button for a couple of seconds.

This will still count your steps.

But you will receive no notifications on your wrist.

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When I first got the Gear Fit 2 I turned off the modivation messages and inactivity reminders.  Then I got the Note 9 and had to reset the watch. Those *&%#@ inactivity messages and messages that tell me I am doing "great" are back and I can't get rid of them.  I do not need a watch to modivate me.  I want a watch keep time, see text messages, phone notifications and track my physical activity.  I really like the Gear Fit 2 - I just really don't like the inactivity reminders and modivation messages.  I have turned off every thing that I can find for this watch and so now I can tell the time with it and get annoyed that the only messages I get are to tell me to start moving or that I am doing great. 

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