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Galay watch no issues

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So after a long battle with Samsung regards step count and stair climb not working as it should. I have decided to send my watch back for a refund. After sending in my watch in twice for a repair the second being a the main board, I have now had email  confirmation from the Samsung CEO office that it is a software problem and there is no solution on the horizon. Samsung had a big chance in the wearable market to make a big statement but failed and customer service is probably the worst I have dealt with. Good luck to you guys waiting for the watch that matches the £300 


If there is no update with solution in the horizon, we'll, I will return my Galaxy watch this week. Really bad to release a watch with this bug. So disappointing .. 

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When I said that I was returning mine they said they would continue to look into it for Any other customers 👍 good work Samsung 

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