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Galaxy watch strap

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I've noticed the strap with the buckle is short, so ends up on the side of my wrist.

During wearing it rotates to the centre of my wrist which then makes the watch face move to the outta edge of my wrist.

So now the buckle is at the centre of the bottom of my wrist,  very annoying having to keep adjusting 

Do you have a longer length buckle strap ?


AndrewL Moderator
@Tony2759: Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this discomfort. If you have the 42mm model then there are a number of options available on our website which you can explore by checking out the following link:
Note: Most of the options are advertised as Gear Sport straps however you will see a note below stating 'fits 42mm Galaxy Watch'
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Andrew thanks for the reply, but they all look the same, the buckle strap is very short.
So only reaches the side of my wrist.
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Is there two different watch stap lengths supplied?

i.e. One on tne watch and one in the box ?


If this was my situation I'd look at the online Samsung store and or look at 3rd party straps on Amazon and Ebay as two examples.



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Been trying to buy a silicone strap for my galaxy watch without luck. I wear the watch with the box supplied large strap which has broken on the part where the clasp goes through the small hole. After a trip to the Samsung store and support online, it turns out Samsung only sell them in medium and not in large, so I am now left with a paperweight that I can’t wear as the medium strap doesn’t fit as it’s not long enough.

Ebay ripoffs are all the same length as the medium and of poor quality.

Sorry Samsung but that’s just rubbish aftermarket support. 

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