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Galaxy watch sleep tracking after update?

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Well sleep tracking was working fine before October update, i would turn HRM off and save battery power but still track  the 3 movments ( motionless, restless ect)but now watch only tracks restless sleep, which is 100%. The only way to track sleep is to have REM tracking on witch drain battery! Anyone have same issue?

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Have the same isues . Slept few night after getting watch without updating got all three stages of sleep , now after update only restless sleep is recognized
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Same issue. They have totally broken sleep tracking since last update. Sleep is only reported as restless. This was working just fine before the update. If you turn REM on then that depletes the battery  Samsung please repair our watches that you have broken. 


I really don't know what they're up to. I was expecting things to get slowly better on this watch with updates. It seems the opposite. As for the health functionality, anyone that asks my opinion on whether the watch is any good I would recommend to go elsewhere. 

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I still have this problem. Used to work before the update, so I guess it's just a software issue. Sumsung please fix this issue!
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