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Galaxy watch remote connection

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The remote connection on my watch only works after watch restart.

So turn bluetooth off on phone with wifi on auto on watch so should go to remote connection but does not. Restart watch, when watch reboots(Bluetooth still off on phone)the remote connection is now active and I can do the things that are available with this. I turn bluetooth back on phone so then watch is then connected back to phone as normal. I then turn bluetooth off on phone again and again wifi remote connection does not work. So I can only use this by rebooting watch where this should be an automatic feature. Anyone have same issue or does a samsung representative have an answer? 


Same problem here with a 46mm LTE. No remote connection with wifi or 4G. Sometimes reboot the watch don't solve the problem.

Regards from Spain!!!!!

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I ma facing the same issue.. only after rebooting.. remote connection is working.. i tried rest all.. but need always a reboot..

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