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Galaxy watch rash

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I hope Samsung will hear and address our concerns properly. They just can't ignore this...

The only way for them to listen is a big dip in their revenue. I am going to stop buying samsung stuff. I just hope many people do the same. No wonder their profits are taking a big dip in recent years.
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In the last few days I have developed the exact same. Gear s3 frontier 

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An update from samsung would be helpful. I've the exact same, my watch is only 2 months old.
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I got the galaxy watch just a couple weeks ago and am using the band that came with it. I've never been allergic to anything and I also have a rash 2-3 inches long from the strap. The skin has even started peeling like it was some sort or bad sunburn.


I bought a Samsung Gear 46m watch on August 25th 2019 and have been wearing it for two weeks. Remove it for showering and charging.


Recently iv noticed some rash developing just under the watch and it slightly irritates me. The rash area is sore red, and it looks like the skin is stretched or burnt. 


Iv done some googling and found some people complain about the similar rash on the gear watches.


I have a bit of an issue with this, is there any way to stop it?


If anybody from Samsung or otherwise can provide some insight into my situation please let me know asap. It's a bit annoying paying 400 NZD for a watch that's going to give me a rash!



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I contacted samsung but they didn't help at all. They just gave the same advice about how to wear it and about seeking medical attention if you're worried. Personally I'm going to order a 3rd party strap from Amazon as samsung do not provide any other materials other than silicone. Very poor service samsung. 

Doubt it. Maybe I haven't seen it but they haven't address my concerns yet.
A drop in the ocean, for real

You'd have to die or recieve grave injuries before they do anything.mayne something like 100,000 people complaining all at once.

The resolution is to buy a different strap...I did.
There are a bunch of straps on Amazon. I've not tried them all but I purchased a black one that comes with a silver. A linked style strap. Works like a charm, adjustable as it comes with the tools and not a single rash and I have this one just as tight.
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