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Galaxy watch rash


That's a different watch.

This is a completely different watch.
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Sorry to debase your obviously uninformed thesis. As the pic I included in the post indicates, the rash does not appear anywhere near the metal pieces of the watch. It only appears around the wristband ( and not the metal parts of the wristband). The reaction has to do with the chemical compounds in the wristband, not any metal. 

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This is not the same watch, and also not where the rash is appearing.

I haven't seen anything from them as of yet.  So until I've seen something, no.

Obviously you have an obvious different obvious issue than the rest of us, obviously informed thesis meta obvious.
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I can't really understand what Samsung used to save half a millicent for this watchstrap.. I just wrote them as I'm also totally negative to allergies and my rash after 4/5 of use.. are warring me even more..

If they won't answer me I'll formalize a report to my local healt agency

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I have had the watch for a year now and only wear it once or twice a day. From week 1 I had rashes and itchiness. It's getting worse now. I am back to my G-Shock. £120 watch belt is better then £400 watch. Has anyone tried changing belts? Does it help15573708056967900590792493458651.jpg



I have the exact same problem. Oddly enough I was fine during the winter months but as soon as the weather broke I developed 3 rashes. My wrist look horrible and it's embarrassing bc I'm a photographer and it really stands out.

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I also have a wrist burn or rash on my wrist as well

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