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Galaxy watch rash

Yeah, that's random. Mine is definitely from the wristband/watch strap.

Thanks for letting know.

It has been 3 months for me rash free. What is interesting that some people develop the rash after months of usage. No idea what caused that still symptoms look mostly the same in all cases... Mine developed in two weeks after I got it. Samsung still hasn't responded yet, I've lost all hope for fair treatment or at least an explanation. 26 pages on forum with various but simmilar symtomps and yet still not a single official samsung comment. To everone who developed it recently after purchase change the rubber band(it's seriously toxic) clean the heart sensor with alcohol and soap (somewhere there was a better suggestion, but I can't remeber it now and alcohol worked for me perfectly) and hope for the best since samsung won't even recognise the issue. 

I didn't know Samsung was soo trash for their aftercare service.
I will try this alcohol technique and I'll wipe the strap/watch once a week and see how it goes and more frequently thereafter if any small changes.
I've never had a watch do this that I can remember and I am not allergic to anything, so it is a mystery as to why this is happening.

Thank you for letting me know and the heads up. I will try the alcohol technique.

As a quick follow up, Samsung did eventually, after much pestering on my part, do as they had promised and replaced the band... sort of. While they did not seem to have a mechanism to send me a new band, they did send me a $50 Visa gift card, which was enough to allow me to buy my own replacement band on their web site. No rash in many months since I stopped using the latex band that shipped with the watch.

For those who get a rash directly under the watch itself, I have read a number of posts and would guess that this rash is unrelated to the latex strap rash. I hope you find a cure since this is a pretty cool watch and it would be a shame if you could not wear it.


There is something in the original rubber bands. Samsung should own up and do a free replacement with something more skin friendly


Same here I have burning rash on left hand, where I  wear gear sport! It even hurts with warm water. Using default strap.



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I have the exact same rash. Developed on the left wrist, didnt know it's related to the watch, the skin was very bad and irritated. Swapped hands and now it is the same on the right one too.... only then I was adamant it's the watch, hence why I googled it to be surprised so many many reported the same thing.

I also see that Samsung doesn't care much, if they don't respond to our query then I'll involve social media and definitely some press too! The Sun actually pays out for these stories.... but lets hope we won't need to get down this route


Been wearing Samsung watch for a couple of months now a really itch rash has appeared.

Any ideas what I can do.



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Mine rubs where the writing is inside the strap, where its raised its rubbing away my skin 😔. It only started when I started going to the gym which is why I bought the watch

I agree. I felt the rash was going away but it is actually getting worse.
I still haven't had a response from Samsung.
I have a horrible looking dark mark on my skin .
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