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Galaxy watch rash

Please people!
Read the thread before posting!

There are at least 10, maybe 20 posts telling what to do if you experience rashes. Try it out before asking the same question as 50 others!
I'd much rather see pictures as evidence just to prove more cases exist.
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There are two different issues. 1) people having a reaction to the band and replacing the band is solving that. 2) reaction to the watch itself.  


My issue is the watch. I was going to return it, but I like the functions so I kept it.  Has anyone tried the paint or covers for the back of the watch?20190129_084545.jpg



Received my new Galaxy watch and wore it for the first time yesterday for about 10 hours.  My wrist began itching shortly after putting it on for the first time and it didn't stop. It was torture wearing it but I was out and about and afraid I would lose it if I don't look it off.   Today, I have tried again and it was on for 3 hours before I could no longer stand it.  It not only itches but also burns and leaves a bright red rash with rain seed bumps, all in the exact shape of the band.  

I have read a few posts about cleaning it with alcohol, etc and will try this later.

I am very disappointed in Samsung for not addressing this with their customers.  I am a loyal Samsung user and feel there should be not only a solution but the reason as to why this is happening.   There certainly wasn't literature included with my new watch about cleaning anything prior to use.   I paid a lot of money to suffer. 20190129_211435.jpg




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I live chatted with Samsung last night for over an hour basically got told not to wear it if I'm getting an allergic reaction!! The customer services were supposed to be calling me 2hrs ago!!@ not happy.


3weeks on and no further on!! Emailed and spoken to Samsung several times to be told each time they get back to me and never do!? Pathetic customer services! I have tried wearing it again and after half a day it started blistering my wrist again!!! I've NEVER EVER had an allergic reaction in my life to anything.

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Snapchat-966797037.jpgRash galaxy frontier

I got almost the exact same rash, it seems to be from the band...but I'm not allergic to anything I just got tested. I've only had the watch for a couple weeks...but the rash is very noticeable.

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Me too.  I have only had the watch for 2 weeks.  


I don't think Samsung will help us on this. C'mon... their Customer Service is NOTHING comparing with Apple Support! 


Just buy a cheap replacement strap from eBay and be done with it! No more rash for me! I still dig their Technology, I also have a Samsung S9+ which is extremely good BUT I just don't expect anything from their useless support if I have a problem with it! 

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good to know.  thank you.

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