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Galaxy watch rash


I recieved my watch last month and every time  I wear my Galaxy watch 46mm, I get a rash too. I don't know what to do.


Having followed this thread for a while I feel a need to clarify that there appear to be two separate rash issues.  One involves a rash around the wrist where the band touches the skin and appears to be caused by the stock "plastic" band Samsung ships with the watch.  The solution to that issue is to get a different band; leather, metal and some fabric replacements are the best.  I bought a metal band at the same time I bought the watch so I never experienced this rash problem.

The second issue involves a rash or the appearance of burn marks directly under the watch which is what I have experienced.  In my case it looks like little bumps surrounded by redness.  Based on others' remarks this may be caused by some substance left over on the back of the watch from the manufacturing process (grease maybe?) or/and it might be caused by the green led actually burning or irritating the skin.  I have washed the back of the watch with alchohol wipes but this hasn't solved the problem for me.  I am contemplating putting a piece of tape (opaque or semi-transparent) over the green led but not sure what tape will be good as some tapes will likely irritate the skin as well.

Related to the second issue I have tried turning off the green led in settings related to activity and Samsung Health but I still see it flash on sometimes.  Any thoughts on the right type of tape would be appreciated.


There is a screen protector you can buy for the watch. That's the same one I use for the back of my watch. 

Good idea. I got two when I bought my watch so I will put one on the back. Thanks.
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Interesting, I have exactly the same issue with a 2 week old 2019 46mm Galaxy Watch.







There was an issue with the bands for Fitbits that gave my wife a rash exactly the same and they had to recall the whole ***** lot.


I've just logged a ticket with Samsung Australia and will possibly hat a refund on the watch.

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I have had the galaxy watch 42mm, for a couple months at least. I have the stock band and clean it and the watch back regularly. All of a sudden, last week, I'm getting rashes from both the band and the watch back area. I normally wear the watch on my left wrist but switched to the right due to the rash (depicted in the pictures). The left wrist is healing but the rash left what looks like a minor burn (I don't have the right light to picture it).15760391548482854769630010280705.jpgThis is what the rash looks like, raised and bumpy , red and itchy.


15760394295925498449596094949665.jpgI didn't let it stay long enough to see well but the rash is already starting under the face of the watch and you can see it begins to get red at the bottom of the wrist where the wristband sits.


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I have changed the stock rubber band for a new leather one and since then had no problems with the rash


It's the sensors on the watch turn all off.. ie heart rate and fitness tracking that will sort it but makes watch less useful 

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That's exactly what happened to me, my rash/burn was only from the band, not the watch. You might be able to get a refund if it was under the watch area itself, they seemed to be most concerned with that when i called them. Otherwise they pretty much just told me to pound sand and buy a new band for it, and they wouldn't do anything.


One year later, still same issues, still no official response. I gave up trying to get any refund from samsung poland. I got completly ignored. If you wish to push samsung into taking action you need to get medical opinion, with such they will be obliged to take action. I wiped my watch with 98% alcohol switched the band from toxic rubber into stainless steel(for my own money... Somewhere on this forum I read they gave you giftcards for the band- not in poland tho). All they did was to inform me what kind of rubber they used in the band and that was it-end of support. It really makes me wonder what damages so many wrists. Worst support ever. So I supported myself.

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