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Galaxy watch rash

I don't see them doing anything at all...
Better if you bought a different style strap...
There are other straps but that's a good idea
Nice strap on!
Well, I don't know what "anti-human" chemicals they put into their straps but Samsung do not see it as a big concern since you can just buy dozens of a variety of straps from Amazon/eBay. Annoying, but I guess a couple pounds... lunch or whateva, is nothing compared to the amount you pay for the watch.

Ultimately you are right though. Shouldn't be paying the price we pay for an issue this minor and small to actually happen. It's fixable.
They should give everyone in here a £10, dollar/whatever voucher.
It's just. Bad attitude to have if I'm honest.

What makes it worse, they provide soo many items/products. Imagine all 50-500,000 people just thought F**k Samsung...I'm no longer gonna buy their stuff....they'd receive a huge dent.

The problem is...many would just buy a new strap since they are fairly cheap.
The probably is...Apple don't make TV's Fridge's, Washing Machine's and go to Apple for a new watch, Samsung still have you by the balls with another product.

But ultimately, you are right...Apple may not as they operate on a smaller scale.

This strap issue is a dip in the ocean unfortunately
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Dozen of topics with same problem, thousands replies, even more views.... and samsung does nothing. Had my watch on service for alt/barometer not working after 4 months. It took cca month to fix it and my arm healed. Now i ordered a new, metal from amazon and problem solved. Shame on Samsung for not doing anything for their customers after we paid so much. 

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I have the beginnings of a rash with bumps directly under the watch.  I bought my 42mm Galaxy Watch back in May 2019 along with a metal band (rose gold watch with rose gold band).  I never used the rubber band that comes with it.  Not to sound too paranoid but I wonder if the laser is actually the culprit.  I have turned off the heart rate sensor through the health app but I see where the laser still turns on at times, as if that watch is using it to determine if it is being worn.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

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Hello I have a similar issue however its not a rash, my wrist got burnt from the heart rate monitor.  As per the photo you can see the burn marks from the sensors. I woke from my sleep last night from the burning feeling on my wrist, removed the watch to only find these burn marks. The back of the watch was very hot also.  Just want everyone to be careful out there. Samsung are not the best from coming back to you to resolve issues. Have had a terrible experiance so far and to think I have always used samsung products for years from phones to TV and of course the Wearable. 





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