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Galaxy watch rash


I am also having a reaction to the original rubber band. It’s annoying after a day of use and it already looks like this.


@remmy wrote:
Do you have a link to that strap as u would like to change out but I have a reaction to leather straps so need a good metal one

Hi Remmy - This is where I purchased my strap, pretty fast delivery and it is affordable >>




I have the Samsung Glaxy Watch and same issue.  Have been wearing it for a month now and have what looks like a burn under the strap.  Has anyone got to the bottom of whats causing it??

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Hi all,


over Christmas I've decide to buy the new Samsung Galaxy watch for me and my wife, previously we had a gear s3 and fit 2 proand we never had problem, but now unfortunately we stopped to use after a we start to have really bad skin rush on ours wrist.


We both went to see our gp and she ask if we had in past any allergy reaction, but for us is the first time ever.


Far as I can see there are other people with the same problem is Samsung doing something like replacing the bracelet?


we are in lowe with those watches and i believe the problem is related to the bracelet as you can see from the piture i've attached.



wish to hear soon fron Samsung20190123_220326.jpg20190120_185245.jpg


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I've owned the watch since xmas and the first week I had developed a rash and sore dry skin from the back of the watch.

I've swapped wrists and the same has happened.

I only wear the watch two days max but removed for showers everyday and then left a day charging so not really using it 24/7.

Surely this is enough time for skin to breath.

Hope I don't have to stop using my device it's not a cheap item to not use.


Did you try cleaning it(hr monitor) with isopropyl alcohol or rectified spirit? I've cleaned mine switched the band switched the hand and I'm testing. 

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Yes, it's good practise to always clean new items properly before using them. Isopropyl alcohol is usually excellent, but be careful when cleaning screens with it as high concentrations can soften the fingerprint resistant (oleophobic) coating.

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Hi I bought my watch on boxing day and the rubber strap is causing me major issues. I'm not usually allergic to anything and was able to wear my fitbit with a rubber strap with no issues. I swapped arms but now it's starting on that arm. Is it possible to change the strap? I can't work out how it could be changed? 


As posted several times before in this thread, use rubbing alcohol and soap, or even better, silicon remover(the stuff car painters use as last step of prepping before paint to remove any pollution from the surface), and your problem will most likely be gone. Everything points at the manufacturer has done a poor job removing the mold Chemicals after assemble, and that is why so many get skin rashes. Totally hopeless of Samsung not recognizing this. 

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Hi, I'm experiencing the same problems with my 46mm watch strap. The watch it's self is brilliant but I've developed what looks like a burn mark on my wrist. I've had loads of watches in the past with rubber straps and never experienced anything like this before? It was a Christmas present of my wife but now I can't wear it, not good to say to cost £300. Please advise what I can do15487917488693198878111530073877.jpg




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