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Galaxy watch rash


Here's the kicker. I talked to a telia salesman (a service provider here in norway, even though I have Telenor instead) and he said the S3 armbands should fit on the 46mm Galaxy Watch. I haven't tried it, it's a "cheap" fix, and still - Samsung can't be arsed to send me one. I could use the frontier leather armband or the metal wristband, IDGAF - but no, "this is your problem". No it's not.


I'm taking this one step further now. Media. A slap on the wrist is not enough, they need some bad PR in order to wake up.

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15437730681396201903809778430945.jpgIve had mine a couple of weeks and ive started developing this, right under the back of the watch facia. Help please




15438072844877097173600248466145.jpgNylon strap with circular letter tape


So this is my setup for my watch I have letter adhesive tape around the sensors and a nylon watch strap from Amazon.


Fintie Band Compatible with Galaxy Watch 46mm / Gear S3 Frontier Classic Smartwatch, 22mm Lightweight Breathable Nylon Replacement Sport Loop Wrist Strap for Men Women - Black [Small]


I've had zero problems with rash or anything rash related since the switch. Both things cost me combined $20 to replace, the original band just isn't good for people that get reactions to metal or that material. The band I have comes in multiple colors. Everyone that is complaining about paying a little extra to fix your problem, Well it's clear Samsung doesn't really care and this is the solution I've found that works best for me while still giving me the functionality of the sensors.

This too is also happening to me.... the rash showed up or I noticed it today... I have the latest galaxy watch and it is causing a very uncomfortable rash/burn... what is being done about this?!?!... I need answers...20181206_132919.jpg




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That is exactly why I joined the forum.  I love my watch but my arm looks awful!line_1544393315161.jpg




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I have the exact same issue .I have the rash in the same spot on top of wrist under watch. I also have the same model. But I have a second worse rash where the band lays on the inside of my left wrist. The rash on top of my wrist is just itchy, but the one on the inside of the wrist is actually cracking and feels like a cut anytime I wash my hands or shower. But especially if I forget and use hand sanitizer or I tried putting some lotion/ointment to help heal and it stung like hell. Not wearing the watch a few days but right now it's been 48 hours since I've worn it and it's not really getting better. I'd say if anything it's more tender. IMG_20181213_083650_01.jpgInside of left wrist painful rash. Irritation on top of wrist under watch itself is just red and itching



Hi @Irishroyal79


I’ve sent you a PM with some tips and precautions regarding the use of your watch. Do take a look when you can! 











Same here. Had pro fit 2 previously no issues. I watch before that. 


I get rashes like that from the metal buckle. I have a nickel allergy. It is always itchy, red bumps.

I've got the same red spot like this.
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