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Galaxy watch rash

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Experienced the same problem within one week of wearing my new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. I would also like an answer. No idea whom to contact. There are a couple of sites on the web that actually ask for a subscription for an answer. This is not acceptable.

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I have the same problem as well. Both under the watch and with the strap. Tried it with the other arm as well. Same results... why is this happening?


Hopefully Samsung can give clarity to this..15638858921716768140871494549543.jpg




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I have the same problem. Smasung Gear S39CEEBB72-EE87-42A1-95C6-5833EB670A8A.jpeg


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I had it too. I loosened up the band and turned off the constant heart beat function and my rash went away. All good now. Can't tell if was the tight band or the heart beat function, maybe both?

I got the rash too. I tried the watch on my right hand and now it has already started itching. IMG_20190725_100615313 (1).jpgHow do I get a replacement band from Samsung?

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Hi @ashishg391. Have you taken a look at this?


Thanks for the link.

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Just googled this after experiencing the same... I wore a gear fit2 for 2 years every day with no issues at all (only removing it to charge and shower etc.. had the GW a couple of weeks and noticed a rash on my arm right underneath the watch. Very itchy, spots and red patches. Thought it might have been caused by the warm weather so cleaned the watch with alchohol wipes to sterilise it and put it on my other arm to let the rash 'air off' and heal... within a week its started on the other arm in the same place. WTF samsung.. what is going on... I have no known allergies and have never had any issues with any other watch or fitness band etc... ever...


  I am having the same problem, and Samsung is trying to get me to sign confidentiality documents to keep me quiet, that would explain why I've seen countless posts with the problem, but none with an actual solution either from Samsung or from the people writing the complaints.

  I don't have allergies to anything, and my burn (not a rash) was caused by the watch itself not the strap. My reviews have been deleted from the official store, twice, so i doubt this post will last.




I got the same issues stated in the posts above. I bought the watch in an official Samsung store. Eventhough I showed them this thread, they didn't take it serious. 'Everyone can post something on Google' their statement was. Above that they told me that no one ever came to them with this problem. Their final answer (after discussing my problem with someone higher) was that they couldn't help me with the issue.


Seeing the problems described in this post, I'd like to call for an official statement from Samsung with a reasonable solution for this problem. Just to add some additional information.  I did read the link stated above, but this didn't help a bit. Furthermore, I have no known allergies and I've worn other smartwatches without a problem.


I would love a solution, because I normally love my Samsung products. Unfortunately, the lack of service given to me at the Samsung store made me write this post. I could always give some additional information privately. 


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