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Galaxy watch rash

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Yeah I've seen this aswell,  I've had switched to Never, but i've still seen the green lights flicker

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I tried the Fitbit and actually this watch hs the sensors on all time and it has done nothing to me. Like no rash no burnt nothing. I’m talking about the fit bit the smaller one, Alta I think.  Anyways. I stopped wearing it again.  Because the rash look horrible when it gets bad. And hurts sometimes. Sad that I have to stop wearing it because I really loved it. 


I ordered a leather strap today from Amazon to see if brings any change. My skin rash came under the dial possibly due to the sensors. I will give it one more try, if the rash reappears, will request Samsung for a full refund for the watch. I have trusted Samsung for all the phones in my family - we have an S7, S8 and S9 in the family and we were planning to replace the S7 with the new S10. The Samsung Galaxy Watch has been a disappointment.  Never though Samsung could introduce such poor quality products and moreover despite tonnes of pictures here, there is not even a single response from the company. Given the widespread impact, they should immediately recall this product from the market

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Please let me know how it goes, I have tried silicon, and nylon it hasn’t worked at all. I’m pretty sure the case is More about the sensors
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I have the same issue. This is how it looks 10 days after i got the watch 😕 . I have recently had two different tests done for all kind of allergies, and all were negative. I have never before had any problems with any kind of allergies. This is really a shame, since i like the watch very much, but with this skin reaction i have to stop using it.IMG_20190421_182643.jpg




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I suspect it's a burn, from either the green laser or the watch overheating


If I have to take a guess, Samsung watch straps have a (or many) potentially toxic chemicals in it that are skin can figure out. I have stopped using this watch altogether. Its a dead investment. Have switched back to my Casio which I have used for 8 years now without a problem. I wish I had the resources and time to sue Samsung given they conveniently chose to be quiet on this issue. There is enough and more compelling evidence here to implicate them. I hope someone responsible and senior in Samsung reads these comments before they end up damaging their reputation permanently. They should do a global recall of their watches and refund the money back to people.

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Hi Thomas. I recommend raising this with the Samsung Support Team in your region to see what they can do for you. Contact information can be found below.
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This might help explain some things:


316L stainless steel (Samsung Gear S3 Frontier):


Alloy 316/316L is molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steel. The higher nickel and molybdenum content in this grade allows it to demonstrate better overall corrosion resistant properties than 304, especially with regard to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments.


20 percent of people in US allergic to nickel, health experts say:



Thank you. This is helpful and posdibly explains why we get a rash under the dial - sensors could be one reason and presence of nickel can be another. However the 'mystery' ingredient in watch strap (non-metal, non-leather) that causes the rash around the wrist is still not known. If you do find out please post.


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