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Galaxy watch rash


I've got the exact same sort of rash but I've had my watch since release day and nothing up until recently. I thought it might be an allergic reaction to the strap now that it's worn away the top layer slightly.


I've always worn a watch on the same wrist and I've had other watches with rubber bands but not had this problem before. 


I reached out to Samsung after sending pictures model # where I purchased the watch my address and phone number..then never heard back....I ended up buying a different band from Amazon..I'll get it tomorrow (thought Samsung would offer a different brand but it's all about sales with them I guess...

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Considering Samsung can't have the minimum decency and respect to respond to these concerns, perhaps we should all be thinking about a class action lawsuit against them for the apparent health concerns that users are experiencing despite the high price of this device.  Any lawyers here to help get us started?


Attached is a photo of my rash and quite frankly, the picture doesn't do it justice.  Any rash I get can last upwards towards a week if not a bit longer and I've had a bit of bleeding come from the rash site the first time I experienced it.  


Given this past year I've encountered a rash from a Samsung watch and had a dreadful experience with customer service regarding being charged the incorrect price for a Samsung phone, I'm ready to drop Samsung as a company. 



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I also have the same issue to be honest, perhaps I put it too tight around my wrist (Testing that now). I also adjust the watch from one hand to my other (Other than that I'm still really happy with the watch!)


I don't consider my skin as "sensitive" or anything like that

My rash is pretty much gone...started wearing the watch again..Can't get use to wearing it on my other hand...should be getting my new band today Olytop
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Having the same problem and I've NEVER used the strap that came with it. It was a Christmas gift I didn't receive 'til January, but I knew it was coming so I bought a silver mesh magnetic band. I've gone back to my Fitbit Charge 2 with the same mesh magnetic band from the same vendor. I also only took it off to shower and because of my job (cruise ship performer) I can't wear it while I work because of the costumes.  During shows, I take it off the band and put it in my bra. I also don't work out excessively. So to see this rash suddenly appearing on my wrist a week or so ago has been alarming. I'm hoping I can exchange it and maybe go back to Fitbit (Versa this time) since I'm supposed to have the Best Buy extended warranty.


My rash is right where the watch sits, it started as what looked like a needle prick and then spread from there, wish I would've known of this issue before I bought this thing.

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I have exactly the same problem. I could use your photo as mine.

I never had problems of this kind in my life.  but as soon as started to use my Galaxy (46mm) watch it started. Is it possible to get some other wrist-ban i lether or steel?.


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I thought I'd fixed it with alcohol wipes, but after a couple of weeks it returned, so I bought this


And these to go over the heart rate monitor, they fit perfectly,


I'm really impressed with the quality of the strap, so far no problems, my wrists are clear after a week.

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Hi, I also had the same thing.  Skin was shiny like it has been burned.  A few days after the skin started to peel.  


I went onto Amazon and bought a metallic watch strap for £7.99 and it has been fine ever since.

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