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Galaxy watch notifications

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Just received my new Galaxy Watch, very excited as I’ve wanted one for ages.

However it is not receiving notifications except phone calls, however I cannot answer the calls on my watch, just see the call.

On the app I have no option to manage notifications, I can only choose what apps to block.

When I booted up the watch the messages app wasn’t there, and I can’t find a way to download it?

Can anyone help me out? I was so excited about it and now I’m bummed out it isn’t working...

@Sawdust54: To receive notifications on the Galaxy Watch you must be connected to a compatible mobile device via the Galaxy Wearables app.

1. Launch Galaxy Wearable on your mobile device and tap SETTINGS → Notifications, and tap the switch.
2 Tap 'Manage Notifications' and tap the switch next to apps to receive notifications from them on your Galaxy Watch.

The missing Messages app is strange. Have you tried rotating the watch bezel in the Apps menu and checking all available pages?
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