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Galaxy watch heart rate monitor and alto not working




Good to know (and happy for you :-).


So a factory reset + make sure of latest firmware is in fact worth a try for anyone still having this problem. If that doesn't help, no point in fiddling around with anything other than a replacement device (if you can get one) IMHO.


And as you say, don't wait for anything useful from Samsung technical support!




Had mine in service, replaced the motherboard and doing the same

Stop reading for 20-30 minutes and keep trying to measure then start working back.




Heard that the latest update fixed HR issues, can someone confirm?


I've had the Galaxy Watch since September 2018 or so and after an initial day of teething problems, it has been mostly fine. Once a month I needed to turn the auto heart rate off, measure manually, then turn back on. It was so infrequent that it wasn't a problem.


However, the past few weeks it has been hopeless. It might work for 40 minutes or so, and then stops recording anything. No green lights flashing, so it isn't even trying. Worse still, the old trick of manually measuring fails to measure anything (although I do see a steady measurement, it fails). Rebooting the device seems to allow a manually measurement one in 5 times or so, and I can then put back to auto for 40 minutes or so.


I tried checking the various permissions to ensure the sensor and storage is allowed to be used by related apps. I turned power save off. Nada still. 


It also appears to be taking longer to charge and the battery life is draining quickly. This is being drained by the Samsung Health application. Assuming it charges slowly because that app is draining it during charge too.


I'm close to just putting it in the bin.

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