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Galaxy watch experience with iphone xs

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My Apple watch 2 just died on me and I'm on the verge of getting a Galaxy watch, but compatibility issues with the iphone has me wondering...

I'm aware of the main things, but I can't find answers to some specific issues

I'm mostly used to get my notifications on my watch and use the calendar.

Can anyone confirm that my iphone calendar would be synced to a galaxy watch and I could get meeting remindes and browse my calendar directly on the watch when paired with my iphone?

Also, I know all about messaging limitations, but can I at least get notification from let's say hangout, messenger or slack? I never really answered any of those even on my apple watch, but being able to read those messages on the watch is mandatory.

Also, with apple watch, some apps on my iphone have companion apps, like tunein that let's me change channel from my watch. Is this kind of integration possible with the galaxy watch and an iphone?



Hey there @magimat !!!

You can get the events synced to your watch. You just need the app running on the background. To do this, from the iPhone settings > Galaxy Watch > toggle on "Background App Refresh".  If you have allowed permission of Calendar while paring, you are good to go! Or you can go to iPhone Settings > "Galaxy Watch" app > Toggle on "Calendars" 


Any notifications on your iPhone will appear on the watch. Just check from the App > Notifications > Blocked notiifications ; whether you have blocked any. 

Also go to your  iPhone Settings>Notifications> What'sApp/Messages/Hangouts(any app you like) > Toggle Allow (also click on lock screen, notification center & banner). 

Hope this helps

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