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Galaxy watch brightness

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Got my watch yesterday and its keeps going back down to brightness 3 to 10. Fitness tracking Is well off but I'm not bothered about them but my brightness is annoying as I want 10 all the time. So many people saying the same from months ago surley this  Can't be hard to sort out though a quick update. 

AndrewL Moderator
@Stevenc90: If you go to Settings > Display > Auto Low Brightness, please ensure that this feature is disabled to prevent the device automatically adjusting the brightness. You can also adjust the screen brightness by rotating the bezel clockwise.
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I know I've done everything. I think it's pretty straight forward as to what settings are needed I have that off and AOD on too but now my watch keeps sleeping also. I'm going to send this back as it isn't just mine that's like this is so many others if not everyone's..its a 300 quid watch and it can't even stay on or keep it's brightness adjusted which is ashame really because I really like it other than these problems which are so basic its annoying. Maybe I will buy another watch from somewhere else or just send this back and wait till am update is available one day. As many are saying its not a user error it's the watches software that's an error. Shame really  

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