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Galaxy watch and tattoos

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Hi there, im just letting everyone know of a major fault with the new galaxy watch.


I have both wrists tattooed , the left not so much as the right, and the galaxy watch doesnt work on tattooed skin!!!! 

You heard me right it doesnt work on tattooed skin!!!!


The heart rate monitor doesnt give any kind of reading on my right  wrist that is covered, and on my left wrist that I wear it on there is a small gap in my atttoo where there is some skin, and the only way the always on display and heartrate sensor work is if the sensor is placed exactly in the small gap where there is no tattoo.


So Samsung have marketed a device for NON tattooed customers??!!!! 


And you think you discovered America? Everybody knows about this since the Gear S2 was released, it's a well know "issue"  but it's hard to say it's issue, it's just the hardware by itself, it won't work through ink. I have tattooed wrist but lucky for me I have few mm withought ink exactly where the reader is. Couinsidence but it works for me.

Sometimes it's good to read about the product before you buy it.

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I got my Gear 3 working on my dark tattoos by stick a bit of clear sticky tape over the sensor.  Works a lot better for me now.

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I have both wrists heavily tattooed and my hands , only issue I find is connecting it . Keeps dropping in and out but I've found a very small amount of vaseline on your wrist before wearing your watch it works with no issues at all , and I've wore my watch now since December.
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I dont know about marketing something to not include tattooed customers.. that's a little far-fetched. I have tattoos all over my wrist and the only thing I've found is that the tiny writing on the inside runs against and makes dry patches in those spots on my wrist. Have had no problems with it running at all. 

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