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Galaxy watch & whatsapp


I have the same setup  but no problems   only  cant see  pictures on the Watch 

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Hi everyone, it is all about your whatsapp notification settings. Go into whatsapp settings on your mobile phone, change the setting from 'preview' to 'wiew all the message on your screen' , so simple

Hi Hak,


Thanks for the update but I've never changed any whatsapp setting it just works. The only setting I changed were in the the notification list in the galaxy wearable menu.


I have the new galaxy wacht nd I can't get received whatsupp messages. 

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Hi. I can't seem to find this specific setting in what's app? i did get what's app notifications of messages when I first set up but not now! Thanks for any help. Vx

I have the same issue. I have all notifications for all messages appears on both the phone and the Samsung 42Gold. But like you, I have no way of viewing the message again if I didn't catch it all the second it is notified on my watch? I cannot find an app icon to be able to select to add to my watch apps.

I've been looking thru these Google searches and found a 3rd party (Tizen) that apparently offers the app but I am unsure about installing it.


Let me know what you try and if it works for you. Thanks

Yes. Using text or voice.

what apps do you have on your watch? because I still can't get whatsapp messages and there are no updates that need doing

Open your Galaxy wereble app and make sure Whatsapp messenger selected in n=
otification so you can receive messages and reply back, however there no se=
parate app for WhatsApp where you can open and start new message (this is s=
ucks) you only can see what coming and reply back. Hope this is will help.

Hi Mikhail11. When I originally set up the phone to my watch, it automatically came up with options that certain phone apps are available and would I like to create the link/app on the watch library too. And I of course did. I do get all message type notifications on my watch. But like you said, I just can't start a chat using WhatsApp, I can only reply to one. And I can only reply once. So then need to either use my phone if I need to text more or I just wait to reply to the next one gets sent to me. 

But thank you for getting back to me. Very much appreciate it. By the way, I am loving the Samsung gold 42mm. I would swear by it. I do 90% of things on it. 

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