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Galaxy watch Inactivity Time reminders

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Same issue here.. really annoing!


I received reminders the last time I posted (Friday the 28th), but have not received reminders since then (Monday-Wednesday since my reminders are weekdays). I'm holding onto my FitBit Charge HR until this gets resolved. 


Samsung? Any thoughts?

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I have the exact same problem got the watch for Xmas no inactivity reminders settings are same as above with settings greyed out in Samsung health app. So frustrating! I had a Gear S2 and the inactive reminder was one of my fave features as i work in office and sit down a lot! I hope they fix soon 😬

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I have the same issue and its frustrating. What I'm most frustrated about is the lack of response I'm seeing from Samsung about these issues. Is anyone monitoring this feed?


I've had this for a few weeks now, I thought I was imagining it. But it's definitely not working. Get it fixed Samsung!! And test your updates before pushing them to your customers!!


I posted orignially that mine started working, but that didn't last long. It worked for a few hours, then the notifications stopped. It's been two weeks now and no inactivity reminders have come up, despite that fact that I sit at my stationary desk for hours at work.


I've been communicating with Samsung on Facebook, they have asked me to do the usual.  Resetting the watch got it working for one day, but it had stopped working again by the next day.


Can you direct them towards this thread?


Already have, was the first thing I informed them of and they didn't bother to read through it. 

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Hi guys. Reading through the comments it seems to me that the Inactivity Reminder setting can't be active on both the phone and the watch simultaneously if they're synced. As a troubleshooting step I'd suggest disabling the option on the watch to see if it then becomes available on the phone. It may be the case at this stage that you can activate the option on 1 or the other but not both, which makes sense to a degree, therefore if the above suggestion works then you will have to choose where you would prefer to receive the notification, and activate the option on that device accordingly. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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