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Galaxy watch HR 20% off

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So, bought a Galaxy watch yesterday and eager to try it out today with small test doing squats


I measured the workout both with a Garmin fenix 3 with chest strap and the Galaxy watch.


Here are the results:






Climbed fast, I was pushing quite hard. Went up to a max of 151bpm


Meanwhile the galaxy watch:

Screenshot_20181113-151030_Samsung Health.jpg


Average 112, not 129. Max 139, not 151.

 I also did a test earlier, but don't have the correct Garmin chart for that test. But where the Galaxy watch showed 127 bpm my Garmin showed 161. So off by about 20%.


Will deliver the watch back if this is not something that is going to be fixed.

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Another thing. If I am running and my pulse gets above 120 the Galaxy does not longer display pulse. Just says   -.-


Which is quite unhelpful when trying to figure out if I need to calm down or can push some more.

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