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Galaxy watch Bluetooth interferences




I've bought a Bluetooth scale and the galaxy watch is interfering with the Bluetooth connectivity because when I have the watch connected, the scales aren't connecting with the phone.

If I manually disconnect the watch or move it further to get disconnected, the scale works and pair with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
I've tried with 2 different scales (one is Mi Scale and one is Huawei fit scale). Also I tried with my other phone, Samsung S8 plus (my watch is not connected with it) and works every time.

Do you have any idea? As a temporary solution, in order to get paired I stop and start the Bluetooth and works every time
I know that the scales are not from Samsung but the problem is actually the Bluetooth which when is connected to watch doesn't want to connect to scale. I have a Bluetooth headset and works without problem with the watch so the issue seems to be only watch - scale.

Thank you

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