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Galaxy watch 46mm heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking not working.


last Night when I was just laying down watching TV, my galaxy watch 42mm read my heart rate to be 220 bpm. 10 minutes later it was 90bpm. I really freaked out and went to the hospital to measure my heart rate again , in the hospital the heart rate was normal, 80 bpm. I was relieved but still concerned about the 220 bpm. So I kept measuring the heart rate for about 2 hours and it was normal! A week earlier the watch read my heart rate heart rate to be 186 while I was laying down doing nothing! Both incidents were reported from 10-11PM when I was laying down doing nothing!  

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Having the same problem as everyone else regarding the HR monitor.  Still have 30 days to send it back to Amazon and get the Ticwatch... Did you GET IT Samsung, It's going back if you don't release a FIX.

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This problem has yet not been solved. My newly bought galaxy watch as well stops heart tracking occasionally. Samsung needs to level up!!
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It has been 3 months since I bought the device. No fix for this issue yet.

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Check your watch. There is an update today.. Bluetooth watch fixes specifically mention heart rate fixes. 

Sleep tracking doesn't seem to be fixed after the update last week, or at least for me. 😔
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I am getting deep sleep recording. Before the update it was zero % for deep sleep everynight which was odd.




Still hr sensor and sleep tracking not fixed.

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This is true. I upgraded from my gear fit 2 pro to Galaxy Watch last week and the sleep monitoring is terrible! Two nights ago, i slept from 00:15 to 07:45 and it was saying that i was sleeping only at 00:40 to 02:30 and 5:45 to 07:15, all the other time i was supposedly walking around (and of course i didn't get any deep sleep)! 


I really don't know what to do now.  I had to return the watch because sensors are not working(hr flatlining several times a day), but I really liked the os and the rotating crown. 

Now picking from the competitors is hard, because these features are for Samsung watches only.


P.S. I even tried my friend's Galaxy Watch where he doesn't have these problems, but on my hand the same happens - hr stops recording at some point and stays flat. This means the hardware is not very good on different people's skin.  Porbably this is why Samsung does not release a fix all this time - they can't fix it with software.


Very sad... :/


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