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Galaxy watch 46mm heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking not working.


@AntS -With all respect Ants I have tested the HR to within an inch of its life, running most of the workouts possible, also tried 4 different watchbands, up the arm, down the arm, tight or loose, nothing alters the lack of tracking, Im on my second watch now too so feel fairly sure Ive tried all there is.


I fully understand why its important to have the device in a correct position on our wrist, but that clearly goes against logic when Under Armour Record works perfectly with any strap and in any location on my wrist during a workout? If it was hardware issues surely it would fail across all apps?


Additionally when the GW or Samsung health workout loses tracking during a workout why would the HR sensor on my watch face (Samsungs own) continue to track perfectly when comparing with a Fitbit worn at same time? To be clear on that that, the workout on the watch loses HR tracking but the HR icon on the watchface is still monitoring and in line with Fitbit/Gym equipment.


Ive sent log_dumps countless times now with the advice being 'clean your sensor', thats not really technical support in my opinion and certainly doesnt encourage end users to send in data for analysis.


All of the above to me and many others suggests Samsung has an issue with either Samsung Health or worse Tizen 4, the fact it hasnt been resolved in over 10 weeks I fear means its a big issue for your company. 

I hope Im wrong and welcome any comments that may send some hope to us all having these issues 


Can verify what Gary Brett is detailing. I am having the same issues and have tried all of the workarounds. I am also familiar with numerous chest and wrist strap heart rate monitors having tested Garmin fitness products for a number of years so aware of watch placement. There is no logic to when it stops recording but it is always during a workout or strenuous exercise even cleaning the house/hoovering etc!!!


So I'm probably in the minority here but I'm not much of an exerciser.. that should probably change but is beside the point for now!


The watch does occasionally randomly stop heart rate monitoring for me however I have found that it most consistently happens after It's been on charge (I usually charge it on the charger duo). I can always get it to start working by powering it off then turning on again - always. No position shifts, no watch strap adjustments, I just restart and it works again. 


When it's in its "not working" mode I have tried switching the heart rate monitoring to frequent so I can take a manual reading and it gives some very weird output (flat lines, maybe with the occasional bump). I can move the watch around and it makes no difference. Again, restart it and it's totally fine again. So I'm pretty certain that for anyone experiencing the issue where it just stops for ages, it's not you - it's the watch.


This may sound odd but it's as if it's a software issue triggered by heat or by a bad reading. (The reason I say heat is because it happens when it's been on charge for me but it could also be that is trying to read a pulse when there's nothing there, making a bad reading more likely).


Is there a way to take a heap dump or thread dump from the heart rate process that us users could trigger when this happens to help with debugging this issue?







Agree. I've been very disappointed by the response I've received from customer service on this topic  I gave up ringing to complain. Too frustrating to be told each and every time that they had received no complaints before and everything was fine. I've also got the S3 and Sport and have no heart rate issues with those at all. I wear the GW during the day and twice I left the office for a 20 minute or so walk and it lost heart rate on both occasions and then when I came home and was busy in the kitchen. I wear it tight and higher up my arm so it's not placement. Just come back from a 90 minute power walk wearing the S3 and no tracking issues whatsoever. 

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@GaryBrett has described the issue in depth. I too have the same issue. Samsung Health shows incomplete data. For every 1 hour span which is max duration for 1 record when HR is set to monitor continuously , data for few minutes is missing.
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I’m not a big fan of frequent posts of “No update”, but hopefully some insight into things at our end might serve to correct any misunderstanding that folks are being ignored by the team here. 


Unsure about the other European Samsung Communities (or what appear to be dudes from Samsung US messaging GaryBrett), but the UK Moderating team have been reporting back to the relevant teams the activity tracking experiences that you guys have been posting – along with specific examples and screenshots of posts. We continue to report on a daily basis on any updates or info you post here on all of those activity tracking issues.


I know it may seem that the info you’re sending (both here and via Members) appears to go nowhere because it either doesn’t receive an immediate response or hasn’t yielded a killer solution as of yet – but that isn’t the case. The more information about an error the relevant product and software teams receives the better for them being able to analyse and identify what's going on, and produce an effective solution. Log files are particularly vital for that - although the Moderating team is  happy to supply our colleagues the more anecdotal stuff from you too to help build a better picture of the whole situation. (Stuff like the different results you get from using 3rd party apps - and which ones, for example.)


We can only go by the advice from our colleagues we’ve been given thus far. In some folk’s cases that advice might be useful as it may address what’s going on in their specific situation - and it also helps eliminate stuff from the equation. I'm not glad when it doesn't work in your case, but I am glad that you tell us when it doesn't.


Appreciate that it’s a frustrating situation for you all – but we're very much with you in wanting to get this resolved for you. 


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I would gladly participate in testing and sharing logs to help, though I am not sure how to log things I have been an HP beta tester so I am sure I could figure it out. 


@AntS - Appreciate your response and the difficult position you perhaps find yourself in, both you and the telephone team are on the frontline, but thats all we as customers have as a platform to raise concerns. 


When that platform (particularly the telephone team) continute to deny the Galaxy watch has an issue and insult customers by saying "your the first customer that has reported this, shall I refund you", it does get very annoying when we know its simply not true.


Samsung I feel should be honest with customers who paid money in good faith, if there is a problem tell us, if you cant find a problem, tell us that too. If you find a problem but cant fix it tell us that louder, we can then make our own minds up on where to go fr our next smartwatch/fitness tracker.


We are as consumers doing all the testing your company should have done prior to release, Im no athlete or maths genious but within hours of having this watch (10 weeks ago) I knew there was something not quite right with tracking, its blatently obvious the step issue, HR issue & sleep issue to name a few are wrong.

Why Samsung didnt pick this is up in house is anyones guess, and those guesses lead to accusations such as they did pick it up but had to release a product anyway. Your team obviously have more knowledge than me (I hope), yet cant confirm after 10 weeks that Samsung know about this issue and will address it.


As Ive bored you with before I think its Samsung Health or Tizen4, others possible have different opinions but the point is its doing the Samsung brand and model no good ignoring it publicly, word spreads fast on socal media especially negative words.


Anyway, for the record I dont think Samsung are listening, I appreciate that you are & the position you are in maybe prevents you confirming anything but 10 weeks without any confirmation about HR speaks volumes.


Regarding the Samsung US dudes, I have no idea who they are either, "@SamsungCole, @SamsungLarry & @SamsungAlex" have all contacted me via private message (Gmail) asking for log_dumps regarding the UA Record/Samsung Health posts, I sent all these off as requested over 5 weeks ago, all they say is "we are speaking to specialists" but never update.



Thanks for the update. This is very much appreciated.
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