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Galaxy watch 46mm heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking not working.


I am also experiencing same problems with my new Samsung Galaxy watch. Failing to track sleep stages due to watch unable to monitor heart rate




How do I enable continuous HR on samsung sports gear watch? John

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Hi @Jdd3. From the User Manual:


Galaxy watch_ Sleep.JPG


Galaxy watch_ HR.JPG


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I'm not even getting the green tracking light on back of watch!  ***** Samsung...what is this rubbish.  I'm going to file for refund as this is clearly not working as designed.  Thoroughly disappointing for a £300 product.  Disgusting


I found the answer. I pressed both buttons on my sport watch at the dame time and kept pressing till the watch turned OFF then restarted. The heart rate was back and after a night sleep I went To Samsung Health and sleep transferred. Try it.


Hi...sorry...i forgot to report back after my rant I rebooted the watch...but yes rebooting the watch seems to have done the trick.  I can now measure heart rate once again. 


May be worth taking out extended warranty where available though! 

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Glad to hear, @Jdd3.

@Everyone - Could you try this and let us know how you get on?


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Mine went out of tracking heart rate and stress and I rebooted and now is working again...I hope it doesn't happen again!

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The same issue on my 42mm Galaxy Watch:-(

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