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Galaxy watch (46mm LTE): Spotify starts after phonecall finished




I have a strange issue on my Galaxy watch (46mm LTE) together with Spotify.

I installed Spotify app on my Galaxy watch. If I finish a phonecall (done with the watch) then suddenly Spotify starts to play a sound from the currently used play list.


This is really strange - is this a bug or a feature?

TomF Moderator

Hey @Mr_Burns


Spotify are fully aware of this issue and their team are currently working on a fix. Sadly, no timeline has been given to when an update will be released, but at least you know it's being looked into. Be sure to keep checking for available updates on Galaxy Apps. You can check it out here

Hi TomF,

sorry for replying so lately, I was on vacation. Thanks for that information!
Tidal music streaming app is now available on the galaxy watch and seems not to suffer from the same issues that the useless Spotify watch app has. It does have some quirks like the widget doesn't seem to sustain itself very well but other than that it seems to offer very much the same functionality for similar pricing I haven't established the catalogue of songs but seems comprehensive Suggest you try that and see if it is a better experience Recommend that you move to that from Spotify which is not going to be updated on galaxy watch

I just got my Galaxy watch 1 week ago, and have installed Spotify and have the exact same issue. I got the watch so i could run while tracking my activity and listen to music without having a phone. But when I recieve a call, even if i answer on my mobile, when i hang up, spotify starts blurting out on the watch speaker. This is so emaressing when im in meetings! What a load of rubbish. Cant believe its not sorted yet!

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This is insane.  It's been a problem for 4 months now.

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I have got the exact same problem!! this is a very disappointing experience from Samsung, Please fix it ASAP!!


Hi guys, I found a fix here. Try this step. Open Spotify on the phone > go to settings > tap on Connect to a device > Tap on listen on this phone.

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